The truth about consistency

Why do people ask for more consistency out of a person than nature, itself, provides?

Everything in nature changes, hell, even our computers and cellphones are adapting to us. So why do we expect people to perform outside the laws of nature? continue reading


Awakening vs Activation

There are people that have been aware or sensitive to the things that go on around them since they can remember. They have always thought about the deeper meaning of things. They have always been drawn to nature or to the unknown or hidden meanings behind things…even when they distrusted their instincts, wisdom, and experience. A lot of these people have been coined as mentally-imbalanced, conspiracy theorists, and nowadays, they can even be called terrorists.

Then, there are these new aged “awakeners” that I think may have only been “activated”. They weren’t awakened, per se, but merely tapped into or hacked by some form of ominous force. Up-to-date on the new age advances and ready to upgrade their technology at the cost of humanity. continue reading

What is GRAVITY??

Have you ever noticed how quickly people are to believe what someone else tells them even if it goes against their senses? And yes, common sense included…

Let’s take the term “gravity” for instance. For as long as we can remember we have been told that gravity is what holds us all together on this globe-model Earth while moving at these incredible speeds. We are told that gravity is what caused the “big bang.” We are told that gravity, in concert with the moon, controls the tides. And let’s not forget these geniuses that discovered (Sir Issac Newton)¬†and supported the concept of gravity (Einstein).

But have you ever actually thought about gravity? Not just thought about what you’ve been taught, but about your personal experience with it? continue reading