What is GRAVITY??

Have you ever noticed how quickly people are to believe what someone else tells them even if it goes against their senses? And yes, common sense included…

Let’s take the term “gravity” for instance. For as long as we can remember we have been told that gravity is what holds us all together on this globe-model Earth while moving at these incredible speeds. We are told that gravity is what caused the “big bang.” We are told that gravity, in concert with the moon, controls the tides. And let’s not forget these geniuses that discovered (Sir Issac Newton) and supported the concept of gravity (Einstein).

But have you ever actually thought about gravity? Not just thought about what you’ve been taught, but about your personal experience with it?

I noticed that in my day to day life there is proof that gravity is not only a theory, but a blatant lie. For example, if gravity is what keeps the water glued to this ball-shaped, spinning Earth model and is what keeps us from floating off into space, then why do balloons with helium float? Are birds born with anti-gravity powers? Why do feathers fall more slowly than rocks?

If you thought “gravity,” then you’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated. The truth of the matter is it can all be accounted to density. Air, which includes water, has a certain amount of density and anything lesser than, floats; anything greater than, sinks. This is easily observable, it’s common sense and it doesn’t take a lot of unexplainable equations to prove.

Honestly, they could’ve sold me on magnetism, which is more believable, than “gravity,” which is something that I can never actually test. Furthermore, the only thing that actually supports the concept of gravity are even MORE unprovable, untestable, questionable theories that have been taught as irrefutable fact, such as the ball-shaped Earth, the Big Bang, and evolution.

(Note that all of these are THEORIES and not FACTS and the fact that these people that created these theories are considered geniuses is a THEORY in and of itself.)

But why, you ask, would they go through all of this trouble to teach us a lie?

That would be the million dollar question that I want us to solve together. Are you ready?


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