Awakening vs Activation

There are people that have been aware or sensitive to the things that go on around them since they can remember. They have always thought about the deeper meaning of things. They have always been drawn to nature or to the unknown or hidden meanings behind things…even when they distrusted their instincts, wisdom, and experience. A lot of these people have been coined as mentally-imbalanced, conspiracy theorists, and nowadays, they can even be called terrorists.

Then, there are these new aged “awakeners” that I think may have only been “activated”. They weren’t awakened, per se, but merely tapped into or hacked by some form of ominous force. Up-to-date on the new age advances and ready to upgrade their technology at the cost of humanity.

Before the chemtrails were introduced into our lives, with their array of metal conductors….before technology began to artificially connect us with nature and the world of the “unseen”….before genetically-modified crops and livestock were being ingested….

There were people that were naturally in sync with the way that the world moved around us. There were people that were naturally in sync with the stars. There were people naturally in sync with the universe and our Creator.

But now, we have this wave of people that are suddenly more aware of everything, yet they seem to still be aware of nothing. They speak on politics and rights and race wars, but never speak on the things that supplement them.

How can a person be a conscientious speaker…and be aware of all things, yet not be an advocate of the detriments of the slave systems such as institutionalized education, the work “force”, and health aka sick-care?

They are awakened, but who or what woke them up?

They speak on being as a god, but never recognize God. They speak on having the powers of manipulating time and thought and matter, yet they never give praise to who created the space, the mind, and the atoms of which they speak.

I get it. The Bible is confusing. Religion is confusing. Why? Because it involves trusting and having faith in a system that is unproven to truly be positive and that is also created by mere mortals.

Do I believe in the Bible?

Yes…but to an extent. It was created, written, and (although maybe inspired by a higher being) interpreted by another fleshly being. To completely trust within the Bible, as a WHOLE, seems to be only another way to put all of your trust into another living human. And you know us humans…so desperately wishing to completely trust one another…

Maybe I was wrong for taking it this way, but isn’t the Bible, the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita and other man written scripts, although profound in meaning, MAN-uscripts? Did they not all seem to teach, whether they were religious, spiritual, theoretical, philosophical, and such–that THEIR perspective was the only one? Or rather the only righteous one?

And even still…didn’t some of those MAN-uscripts take God completely out of the equation? Either explaining Him off as a mere super-being, saying He doesn’t exist, or trying to replace Him with a scientific formula and calling Him a particle?

How can someone see God’s works and think that it’s all by chance? To believe in luck? To live by coincidence?

When you can blatantly see that everything around us in Order. Divine and Definite Order. How can you believe in science, but not believe in the Order that the numbers are describing?

But guess what? Even if you don’t want to believe in Him, science has at the very least acknowledged the “God particle” which is found in every known thing…from the animate to the inanimate. So, to know that you ARE made of the “God particle”, why wouldn’t you want to protect that or acknowledge that it is GREAT.

Do I disregard the Bible?

Not at all, because I believe that within every perspective, there is truth that has to be found and sifted through. Sometimes the truth will be written/spoken as a lie and sometimes a lie will be written/spoken as the truth and the power of discernment helps you to sift through the facts and fictions.

In my opinion, I believe that religion has been a suppressive force used to guide people’s traditions and beliefs. Because in order to mold people’s lives, you must first mold their truths and, in turn, actions. And even to disregard religion and to choose a more spiritual way can also become confining if you only subject yourself to other people’s doctrines.

And speaking of spiritual…let me please touch on my thoughts of spirituality:

Being spiritual, in my opinion, means having the ability to sense spirits. It doesn’t mean that you have voided yourself of a religious tradition. In that sense, you’re just non-religious. To be spiritual is to feel the spirit or energy or atmosphere around you. To see a person or even a plant, insect, or animal and understand it’s purpose and not want to harm it even if you don’t like it or understand it. To FEEL the movement of the energy around you. To me…that is spiritual. So many people claiming to be what they are not or they don’t know who they are or they lack empathy or understanding from others so they battle to accept themselves.

So many people now have accredited their awakening, or activation as I call it, by connecting with the spirits of their ascended masters. This within itself is worrisome to me. I’m not too keen on these masters, because they don’t seem to be ascended, but rather descended. They weren’t created here and then rose to the Heavens (not heavens as in sky and space, but Heavens as in “The Beyond” where the Mighty Ones dwell).

But rather it seems, and the Bible states, that they came from the Heavens and were cast down. They fell into a sort of obsession with the creations of God and began to change the order of what was natural. Meaning their obsession with humans turned into a transformation of humans.

Now, even in the way of people, no one likes being chained down. Everyone enjoys at least the thought of having free-will. So, them being chained to a place and to a people that they had obsessed over turned into the only thing that obsession can become….TOXIC.

So, now…you have these greater beings, trapped within a place where they are no doubt superior. They had no other choice but to make the best or the worst of their situation. They were not bound by the laws of physicality and nature in the way that we are, because we are CREATED on Earth from earth…unlike them.

They decided that they could and should be worshiped for their superiority over us, even if it was from a lesser greatness than their Creator.

They have used symbolism and dark magic to show and prove that they have powers. And they do. But they are still powers that are beneath those of our Creator.

So, they do what only the obsessive can…they attempt to CONTROL.

I’m sure you haven’t missed the amount of control the government has been trying to enforce on us. They have been watching and listening and analyzing and reporting everything. 9/11 was the turning point on our privacy rights and “big brother” has had the right to monitor us ever since.

When you monitor something it is because you want to CONTROL it’s actions. It doesn’t matter if you want to nurture it or destroy it, because when you monitor, you know all, and you have the proof or “right” to go either way.

They have infused our environment and our governments with their kind and their beliefs, traditions, rituals, etc. And because we are a product of our environment and all of the above, they have the ability to mold us. If not by advertisements and propaganda, then by political and religious stances, and if not by those, then by financial crises, and if not by those, then by racism and hate and violence, and if not by those…then through the very air we breathe and the water we drink and the frequencies that they force on us with these POWER TOWERS.

Why do you think that those chemtrails that they spray are full of aluminum as well as other types of metals? It’s because those metals interact with the environment. I don’t know if you were listening, but I said that we are a product of our environment.

So, if those metals can interact with the environment and can control the weather and we can breathe, drink, and eat them…then…wouldn’t we also be considered a conduit? But instead of only being able to cause a thunderstorm, what if they could activate people?

Tune into their bodies with frequencies and control them. Control their thoughts, their actions, their health and in turn their wealth (because those things are the TRUE definition of wealth).

I know I may sound crazy.

I only expected to sound that way.

But even in the back of your mind…

Isn’t there a voice that is at least tugging at you to seek out your own truth? Not to disregard all that you’ve learned, but at the very least try out what you’ve researched and test it to be true or false?

Don’t give all of your trust into any doctrine, because each and every one is only the perspective of one or some, but not ALL.

The only truth that you’ll ever truly know is what you go out and test for yourself. You have to look. You have to experiment. You can’t just believe in another person’s HIS-story and believe that it’s yours. And please understand that I’m not telling you to go out and test God. I’m saying that if you take out the time to actually CONNECT with Earth, from which you are made, you may find out some real truths. Maybe if you’d open your eyes and actually look up at the sky or at the trees or at the dirt, then maybe you’ll have a PERSONAL account of what is going on around you and you wouldn’t have to rely on the MAN-uscripts and accounts of someone else.

But within it all…you have to recognize our CREATOR. You cannot disrespect, neglect, or discredit the Divine order that maintains itself whether we are alive or not. Please know that the Earth does not need us, but it is the other way around.

I guess my main question…the whole point of all of this is…I just want to know: Are you awakened or are you merely activated?


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