Containment Through Your Entertainment

You ever heard that phrase, “You are what you eat?” Well, the same can be said about what you think, read, watch, say, and do. You are a product of what you are exposed to, whether by choice or not, and the quality of product you are depends on how you handle your exposure.

“It doesn’t matter the quality of the camera if you handle the negatives incorrectly.” –Me

A lot of us have begun to see the flaws within the programming of the shows that we watch on television. We’ve agreed that wrestling is fake, reality shows are scripted, the news is a tool for fear and hate mongering, cartoons can be really sick, and sports are rigged. Now, we have all come to terms with these things, yet I notice that we still allow ourselves to become emotionally motivated by these shows. How many times have you watched the news and became infuriated by something you saw/heard or watched a Lifetime movie that had you looking at your mate sideways?

See, these things may come across as harmless to some, but in my opinion, it is a testament to how emotionally driven we all are and that even though we can know something isn’t “real,” it still can spark extreme responses.

When applying this to the books that we choose or are forced to read, I see the same thing occurring. We become emotionally tied to the material in front of us and will debate it with as much passion as if we wrote the material ourselves and know it to be absolute, simply because we are well-versed in the material.

In my opinion, this is how the containment occurs. See, it’s nearly impossibly to avoid the media and I encourage people to read, but the problem lies when we choose not to be aware of the purpose of whatever it is that we are exposing ourselves to. Yes, I watch the news from time to time, but not to get upset about the feigned race/religious wars. I watch to see what it is that they are choosing for us to focus on and why they would want us to focus on those things in particular. I notice that after certain things are said on television, the public responds. Many times, those responses are irrational or extreme and due to the writers and producers giving the material the greenlight, I have to deduce that that was the intention.

So, once again, I’m not saying to avoid everything, but to be aware of what you are watching and find some level of discernment to protect yourself from the intention of the programming. Also, remember that children are sponges and everything that claims to be child-friendly isn’t. If you’re watching a child-show, as an adult, and are laughing just as much as a child would, chances are, it isn’t child-friendly at all, simply child-ish to lure in children.

Do not allow yourself and your friends, family, community, etc to become contained by what we choose as our entertainment.

Peace, Love, and Butters Baby!


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