The Living Dead

The moment most people hear this, they tend to automatically think about a reanimated corpse that’s hungry for brains. With all of the “advances” in science, the idea isn’t too far-fetched considering they’ve even conducted “Zombie Drills.” Now, not to discredit the possibility of that scenario, I would like for you to think about a different one.
Travel through this maze of possibilities with me:

I would like to bring back a topic that I mentioned in my previous post; “You are what you eat.”

Have you ever thought about how many people there actually are in the world? Have you ever thought about how much we all consume?
Not only how much we eat but how much we use and dispose of products?
Have you ever thought about the amount of plants and animals it would take to supply the demand of all of these people?

These are questions that I don’t think many of us think about often, and if so, then maybe you’ve reached the same idea as I or reached another place altogether. But these questions made me look into the food industry and answers began to unfold.

Every now and then, some major or minor company or brand gets exposed for inhumane treatment of animals. Often, animals are densely packed, side-by-side, in filthy conditions and are “just alive” in order to breed or provide meat or by-products. In order to keep these animals healthy enough to pass inspection within these contaminant-thriving environment, they are fed or injected with antibiotics, masking agents, steroids, hormones, and/or other types of enhancers.

Now, after this company is exposed, you really don’t hear much more about it. PETA and The Humane Society, amongst others, will fiercely pursue these businesses, then all of a sudden, it sort of just falls off. Maybe they settled it, maybe they didn’t, but the REAL question that’s always left on my mind is: Where are the follow-up reports on these companies? Is no one going back doing frequent inspections on the quality of meat? At least for a while? Why did they not feel the need to share it if they are?

So, I then begin to think about how have we not managed to consume all of the plants and animals. I remember many animals that have become extinct just from a single group of people that either over-killed them quickly for resources/trade or that was simply consumed away over many generations as a primary food source. But you mean to tell me, aside from the countries that actually worship their cattle or that are actually REAL farmers, that all the rest of us haven’t eaten all the cattle by now? Or picked the last real ear of corn maybe a century ago?

Of course, we still have cattle, chicken, pigs, etc., because we still see them, but how do you honestly believe that would be possible with all of these fast food places, grocery stores, and fancy restaurants pumping out billions of tons of food and products yearly? I just can’t see it.

If you remember Dolly, the first cloned sheep, you have to realize that she wasn’t created to be a pet. She was so important because she proved to be a way to sustain this rising food and by-product demand with the ever-rising population. The next step was to determine whether these clones, although living, actually had rights, because they were determined to have no soul. This is one of the main reasons that cloning humans have been such a taboo subject, because no one can agree if they would have rights. It is also the reason why the interest in soul recognition, isolation, and the possibility of soul-transference has risen.

So, you now have this industry that has figured out a way in which to sustain itself by creating something with no soul, and therefore no rights, FOR US TO CONSUME. Mind you, these clones have been reported to be exactly the same as the real thing and besides the fact that it’s soul-less, it’s supposed to be safe. **MAJOR SIDE-EYE** The more heartbreaking fact is that because they have no rights, they aren’t truly protected under humane-based laws, so all the company has to do is pass the test.

The same thing can be applied with crops as well. Monsanto has been the first company to proudly boast it’s use of genetic modifications in order to create super grains. It was also reported how those crops “accidentally” fertilized other nearby crops and hence those contaminated crops had to then be controlled by Monsanto due to ownership of the modification patents. Many farmers lost complete control over their own fields and this too was eventually swept under the rug.

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I believe that all things natural have a soul, whether it’s a plant or an animal. I also believe that the lack of a soul, whether animate or not, is dead. So, how valuable can the nutrients be within something without a soul? That’s almost like asking, in what ways can befriending a serial killer benefit you?

These companies have truly tricked us by monopolizing themselves and keeping most of their matters private. For example, Tyson doesn’t have to go through anyone else to manufacture their products. They breed, treat, kill, process, and ship their own foods in order to control it and keep what’s really happening from truly reaching the public.

Also, be aware of the labeling on the packaging of your food. Look for things that say “organic” because the USDA requires those items to be NOT BE cloned or genetically modified. Now, because these foods are not genetically enhanced to outlive you, withstand the erratic weather changes, and pests…they may be sprayed with pesticides (proper cleaning helps), may not be available year-round, and may not look as BEAUTIFUL as the soul-less foods you’re used to; BUT IT IS NATURAL.

I honestly believe that a person is only alive as much as what they consume. So, although you may never miss a meal in the sense of action, you still haven’t gained not an ounce of life. I believe that even if something natural isn’t consumed or naturally preserved in the right amount of time it is also dead because the life force, which you are actually consuming, has left. This is why at grocery stores, they will dip older meat in blood to appear more fresh and sell it at a discount price. Or shoot the fruits and veggies full of preservatives so that they APPEAR to be fresh. So, refrain from buying discount foods if at all possible, because those tend to have already lost life or never had a soul from the beginning.

Honestly, I think many of our ailments would improve if we changed the quality of our foods. I truly understand that everything can’t be avoided, but if you know, then you can make a conscientious decision about what you CAN change according to your finances and lifestyle.

Just remember to try to eat fresh and, if possible, it’s always a good idea to start planting a small garden or even just a few flowerpots with edible and medicinal foods. And if you do enjoy meat, buy from a local butcher, farmer, or even a friend that enjoys hunting because the quality is better than most of the foods within our markets.

Now, to bring this subject back full circle, I’d like to ask, “Are the living dead already among us? If we are what we eat, could it be us?”


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