When I write…

When I write it doesn’t come from a place of self. Most things that I write or say goes against me because I’m not looking to stroke myself. I am a truth-seeker and when seeking the truth, I write from a standpoint of things that I need to change as well.

I would be a liar if I only wrote what made me feel good about myself. I would never deny truth and sometimes the truth hurts because none of us are perfect.

It’s so easy to label and blame, but the truth of the matter is, after you REALIZE what it is, WHO WILL YOU BE?

I have pointed the finger many times, because the things I’ve experienced as a child, caused me to grow up faster than some. I have pointed the finger many times because some people have never owned up to their role in shaping me. But I have realized that they don’t have to.

As much as I wish that we could all be accountable or apologize for our mistakes, it just won’t happen that way. We are living in the times of the accusers. We are living in the times that you will be shamed for just asking. We are living in the times when you will be ridiculed for speaking up and out.

You may not agree with my standpoints on some things and I can promise that it’s not expected, but it doesn’t give me any less right to be honest from a personal standpoint. And it definitely will not quiet my voice.

Now, if you have an issue with what I say, please feel free to speak and know that although passionate about what I KNOW, I know that knowing is subjective and my heart and mind can change if it FEELS what is being said is truthful.

And know that when I say “feels truthful” doesn’t mean that it feels supportive in what I feel. The truth just seems to have a way to resonate and even if I may not be receptive at the time, I will be able to reflect on it because truth — real truth — has no motive.


One of the things I wish was said to me as a child/growing adult…

Introduction: Do not think that I am saying that the devil does not interfere. I feel as if the devil or negative energy is something that should be cast out daily and not just when “troubles” arise. The only point of this is to try to get people aware that God does work in mysterious ways and to stop deflecting all of their personal issues on the devil just because they refuse to face their problems and make a change within themselves. Do know that the devil is real and he is busy, but also know that God has you covered if/when you accept Him. Sometimes we are comfortable in situations that seem good, but bad things happen, and what I’m saying is that not all times the bad things are from the devil and sometimes it is God trying to reach us.


Just because hard times come, it doesn’t always mean that it’s the devil. Sometimes it’s God coming through and doing what He deems necessary to change your path — especially when warnings were not noticed.

Don’t give the devil the glory of an unseen blessing. Everything is not meant for us to understand and that’s why it’s called FAITH.

Don’t blame the devil for the changes in your life then praise God when you finally see the benefits that come through on account of those changes. {I’m not saying not to praise God, but I am saying that people shouldn’t pick and choose when they have faith.}

The same thing can also be said for blessings because even the devil gives gifts to his faithful workers. {We’ve all heard the saying that everything that sparkles isn’t gold.}

You truly just have to recognize your energy, stay aware of your intentions, and be accountable for your role in your personal situations. Use your God given power of discernment and remain still in God.

ENDCAP: One of the biggest problem with people is that we are always looking for someone to blame and the easiest target is always the devil. The first person that we should always look at is ourselves. Know that just because you are doing the right thing or trying to that it doesn’t necessarily mean that things will be easy — it actually means that the path will be harder. You will be tested and things will start to feel impossible to conquer or endure, but KNOW (don’t believe) that if it was meant to kill you, you’d already be dead.

Keep faith, continue to try to right your wrongs, and stay in-tune with who you are.