When I write…

When I write it doesn’t come from a place of self. Most things that I write or say goes against me because I’m not looking to stroke myself. I am a truth-seeker and when seeking the truth, I write from a standpoint of things that I need to change as well.

I would be a liar if I only wrote what made me feel good about myself. I would never deny truth and sometimes the truth hurts because none of us are perfect.

It’s so easy to label and blame, but the truth of the matter is, after you REALIZE what it is, WHO WILL YOU BE?

I have pointed the finger many times, because the things I’ve experienced as a child, caused me to grow up faster than some. I have pointed the finger many times because some people have never owned up to their role in shaping me. But I have realized that they don’t have to.

As much as I wish that we could all be accountable or apologize for our mistakes, it just won’t happen that way. We are living in the times of the accusers. We are living in the times that you will be shamed for just asking. We are living in the times when you will be ridiculed for speaking up and out.

You may not agree with my standpoints on some things and I can promise that it’s not expected, but it doesn’t give me any less right to be honest from a personal standpoint. And it definitely will not quiet my voice.

Now, if you have an issue with what I say, please feel free to speak and know that although passionate about what I KNOW, I know that knowing is subjective and my heart and mind can change if it FEELS what is being said is truthful.

And know that when I say “feels truthful” doesn’t mean that it feels supportive in what I feel. The truth just seems to have a way to resonate and even if I may not be receptive at the time, I will be able to reflect on it because truth — real truth — has no motive.


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