The Haves vs the Have Nots

I wonder how it is that people have the time to talk about discrimination concerning one race against the other, when I’ve yet to see a race that doesn’t discriminate within itself?

How is it that we can talk about racism from one color to the next, yet look down on people that look just like we do because they make less, believe differently, eat differently, dress differently?

Isn’t that ironic?

There is an easy way to help us all check our stereotypes and egos:

1. Before you speak on others, look at yourself.
2. Do not get wrapped up within the media, they are only there to divide and conquer.
3. Think, say, and do something nice towards another person daily.
4. Rebuke actions and not people.
5. Last, but not least, stay humble and empathetic, because it is through those characteristics that we are able to see things for what they truly are.

Not all people of any one race is one thing and it is purely ignorant to think that way. If God is ALL, and we claim to love God, how can we not love all?

We are all different because we all serve a different purpose, yet we are all from the same. If you truly want to be upset about anything, be upset about
the rich, no matter what color, that are selfish. Be upset about people in powerful positions that don’t promote the general welfare of the people, no matter their color. Be upset about the controlling and dividing systems. But do not show hatred against your neighbor.

How is it that someone that is on television, that we’ll probably never meet, can cause a racial divide within a community? How is it that we can speak to/see each other every day, but then some political stance (or even something as minor as a sports debate) have us looking at someone we spoke to/saw daily as now the ultimate enemy?

We have to wake up people. We are not their cattle to be emotionally, spiritually and physically herded into whatever direction is “trending” at the time. We have to KNOW and have FAITH and stop following these characters blindly. Find your purpose. Find peace.



Everyone has some form of expectation from their fellow man: Honesty, respect, loyalty, patience, understanding, love, etc.

Now, they might not go in that order and all of those same expectations wouldn’t be expected out of any or every person.

But the way this world is going, it’s as if you can’t expect anything out of anyone. You can’t just think that the person you’ve known for years or a stranger on the street has any form of compassion, respect, or understanding.

Nowadays, people display selfishness in ways I’ve never seen before and you will be deemed “different” or “crazy” if you have an ounce of compassion or empathy in your heart.

Do not be dismayed. These people are just reveling in the times. They are actually going against the natural order of things.

Keep the faith.

Knowing vs Believing

Many people are running off of hope and not faith. It does not matter what you have hope in or what you have faith in (I’m not here to decide or judge what your religious or spiritual system should be — or lack thereof). But the difference between having hope and faith is simple: Hope is believing. Faith is knowing. Being hopeful is being uncertain, being faithful is a decision.

Knowing holds much more weight and energy/power than a belief. Knowing does not mean that what you know cannot be changed or adapted. Knowing requires research and experimentation. But a belief is something that can be equated to anything taught/learned without question, research, or first person experience/exposure.

Do not be afraid to question or test out your beliefs, yet remain open enough to receive the solutions and results. Do turn your beliefs into knowing and realize that there will be a shift in your life.

Keep faith alive.

Standing alone vs being alone vs feeling lonely

One of things that I’ve noticed is that people tend to equate someone saying that they are a “stand-alone” to being alone or being lonely. In my opinion these are different things. I will attempt to give my perspective in a fast and simple way.

Standing alone is more in-tune with you knowing who you are, or thinking you do, as an individual entity. You do not require agreeance. You are not easily swayed, but that does not mean that you are fixed or stagnant. Simply means that you have a strong mind and a strong essence and a following is not a requirement towards your personal fulfillment.

Being alone is when you are single; not only in terms of a relationship, but if you were the only person in a place or the only type of person in a setting (male, female, etc.) It could also mean that you have been singled-out by a person(s).

Feeling alone is when there is a negative emotion attached to either of the first two definitions. You can also be surrounded by people and feel lonely for your own personal reasons. It is also a more inward feeling, such as standing alone, but without the negative connotations.

These three terms can work together, apart, and in any order (meaning sometimes one can lead to the other). But do know that there is a difference and within these differences you can realize what it is and make a choice.