Standing alone vs being alone vs feeling lonely

One of things that I’ve noticed is that people tend to equate someone saying that they are a “stand-alone” to being alone or being lonely. In my opinion these are different things. I will attempt to give my perspective in a fast and simple way.

Standing alone is more in-tune with you knowing who you are, or thinking you do, as an individual entity. You do not require agreeance. You are not easily swayed, but that does not mean that you are fixed or stagnant. Simply means that you have a strong mind and a strong essence and a following is not a requirement towards your personal fulfillment.

Being alone is when you are single; not only in terms of a relationship, but if you were the only person in a place or the only type of person in a setting (male, female, etc.) It could also mean that you have been singled-out by a person(s).

Feeling alone is when there is a negative emotion attached to either of the first two definitions. You can also be surrounded by people and feel lonely for your own personal reasons. It is also a more inward feeling, such as standing alone, but without the negative connotations.

These three terms can work together, apart, and in any order (meaning sometimes one can lead to the other). But do know that there is a difference and within these differences you can realize what it is and make a choice.


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