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This will be the place that I will post personal material and also material submitted by readers. Submit your works via for review.

Submission Guidelines:
1. Explicit material welcome
2. Must be original and must include any name or link you wish to provide (NO PLAGERIZING)
3. Must be submitted via email

If any works are submitted into the comments, unfortunately they will be deleted. Although I welcome explicit material, I do not want to expose my readers to sexually deviant material such as beastiality, rape fantasies, child abuse, etc.


Untitled Poem
By: Unsettled Soul
Uploaded for viewing: 05/08/2017

I don’t pretend to be more, because at times I’ve been less.
I don’t think that I am better, but I know what I’m good at.
I don’t claim to have much, but I am still alive.
I don’t front, fake or boast; yet I rarely fold for anybody.
Most things I say or encourage I wish was said to me.
No perfection, simply reflection because life ain’t what it seems.

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